Thursday, October 8, 2009

1741. A detachable golf putter blade from a set that also includes a telescoping shaft, two different iron heads, and a driver head.

1742. Haven't been able to confirm any of the guesses yet for this box:

1743. A Royal Air Force emergency light that was attached to the life vest with a clip. Its battery provided about 12 hours of light to help searchers find a downed airman.

1744. A clockwork roasting jack, used to turn meat while it was roasted over the fireplace.

Larger image

1745. A machine for driving fence posts or well points:

Close-up #1
Close-up #2

1746. Also haven't been able to verify any of the suggestions for this box, the most popular guess for it is that it's for transporting small animals.

Someone has provided this answer:
It is a railway passenger's foot warmer from the Great Eastern Railway (pre-1923, probably much older). Hot coals or charcoal would be placed inside and they rested on a rack under the seats. The handle has that uncomfortable trefoil shape, as they're lifted hot with a pole.

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